Pasadena Property Inspections

Pasadena Home Inspections

Fast Mobile Notary offers basic property inspections in Pasadena, CA. We also offer certified home inspections for residential and commercial properties. Real estate loans, construction loans, occupancy verification are just some of the general inspection services that we provide.

Equipped with a digital camera, we have the capabilities and experience to conduct home inspections when you need us. We cover the entire San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley since we are located in Pasadena and can get to those properties within a few minutes. In order for us to help with home inspections in Los Angeles County, we increase the fee due to travel time and fuel cost. Call 626-345-7540 for more details that specifically address your needs.

Home Inspections in Pasadena, CA

Property inspections services include:

Residential Property Inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

Construction Inspections

Owner Occupancy Verification

What Is A Home Inspection?

That is a simple question to answer. For starters, a home inspection should be conducted by an unbiased professional home inspection company.

Next, a home inspector in Pasadena will conduct a thorough visual examination of the condition of a property.

Getting a home inspection report is essential for anyone buying a home. A prospective buyer can learn about the pros and cons about the property and determine if the cost to invest in the property will yield a return within a reasonable amount of time.

Owner Occupancy Verification

We get calls from companies that have been contracted by lenders to verify the occupancy of a resident. In some cases this could be for the purposes of enforcing debt collection against a debtor that is in delinquent status. In other situations we can verify occupancy in order to assist bail bond companies, process servers and asset recovery firms.

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