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Apostille Pasadena, CA

Fast Mobile Notary can help you obtain same-day Apostille certification in Pasadena. We make regular trips to the Secretary of State office in Los Angeles, and can obtain several stamps from the state at one time. This means that instead of you having to take time out of your day to make your way to the Ronald Regan Building, you can have us expedite the process for you. Call us for a free quote.

Pasadena Apostille Certification

Several of our clients prefer to use our notary services on a recurring basis to help support their business, or the clients they serve. Contact us to ask about receiving Apostille certifications for employment agencies, independent contractors or other methods of employment including I-9 documentation.

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille authentication certifies that documents that are presented to consulates, and the embassy of the country requested are valid.

This may include the need to have documents notarized by a notary public that speaks the language of the country to be used, or a notary that does not need to translate the documents.

Be sure to check the requirements for authentication based on the country intended for use. Our experience with Pasadena Apostille means that we can deliver documents in a fraction of the time that it would take for our clients to deal with the state.

How To Get A Document Apostilled?

In order to obtain an Apostille certification you will need to have the documents that you need for foreign use. It’s best to check with the US State Department to ensure that the country you intend to use the documents will accept the Apostille.

Documents for foreign use will need to be presented to and signed in the presence of the notary public after an oath is administered.

Those notarized documents are then taken to the Secretary of State and receive the certification needed.

We then package the documents and return them to you within the same-day.

How Much Does An Apostille Cost?

The cost to have us obtain an Apostille certification depends on several factors. In order for us to give you the most accurate and up-front pricing, please provide the following information:

type of document (I-9, foreign adoption, consent to travel with a minor)
number of signatures ($15 state maximum per signature)
Fixed Fees:
$26 fee to the State of California
vital records can cost more to receive from certain counties
Notary Public and Apostille services start at $175 per document
$100 per additional document
Every circumstance is different, but our notaries public have experience to hand each situation with professionalism and attention to detail to ensure that your documents are processed with absolute compliance.

Apostille Pasadena, California

We offer different levels of service when it comes to Apostille authentication. Prices depend on your level of urgency. We make regular trips to the Secretary of State in Los Angeles, and that means that we can serve your need based on any budget and requested turn around time.

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